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Los Angeles Herald, Volume 37, Number 120, 29 January 1910 — Page 14

Hotel Maryland, Pasadena, 1908, Haines Photo Co. (Conneaut, Ohio)

PASADENA, Jan. 28. 1910—Miss Katberine Egan and Miss Helen Leddy were run into by a seven-passenger touring car at Colorado street and Raymond avenue this evening at 6 o'clock. The car was driven by C. W. Howard, a winter guest at the Hotel Maryland and father-in-law of J. Hawkes if the Kendall company. In the car with Mr. Howard were Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Hawkes and Howard Hawkes.

The machine was proceeding slowly in Colorado street, going west, and a street car was standing at. the intersection. The young women started to cross Colorado street, and believing the car was about to start, passed to the rear of it. They did not notice the auto until it was close to them. Miss Leddy screamed for her companion to jump, and in some manner seized hold of the machine. She was dragged for a little distance and her clothing was torn, but she escaped serious injury and was able to go home unassisted.

Miss Egan was knocked down, and the big six-cylinter [sic] machine passed over her chest. She was taken to Pasadena hospital, where it was found one rib was broken and the young woman probably was suffering from internal injuries and nervousness. Mr. Howard went to the hospital and offered every possible assistance. He expressed considerable concern over the accident, and said this is the first accident ho has had in twelve years.

Miss Leddy is the daughter of John T. Leddy of 725 North Raymond avenue and Miss Egan Is a former schoolmate from Philadelphia and is visiting with the Misses Leddy."

Helen Leddy was Harold Leddy's sister.   She was 21 at the time.

West Colorado Street, First National Bank, Fair Oaks and Colorado, Pasadena, 1910


PASADENA Jan. 30.—After taking an X-ray photograph last evening, Dr. S. J. Mattison discovered that Miss Katherine Eagan is suffering from a fracture "i' the ridge, or spine, of the shoulder blade. -Miss Eagan was struck by, a seven-passenger automobile Friday evening on Colorado street and a wheel ran over her chest before the machine was stopped. Dr. Mattison states that the fracture of one rib is so slight as to be negligible and that the internal injury to the lungs is rapidly mending. The shoulder blade itself acts as the splint for the more serious injury. Both Miss Eagan and Miss Leddy, her companion, who was unhurt, are still suffering from nervous shock.

And more:

Los Angeles Herald, June 26, 1910, Page 9

"Miss Catherine Egan who has been a house guest for several months of Mrs. John Leddy, 725 North Raymond avenue, left yesterday for her home in Pennsylvania.  Previous to her departure she was tendered a surprise party by numerous of her friends.  The affair was also a surprise on the Misses Leddy."  

That is, she survived being run over by a seven-passenger touring car.   




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